Heart-Strings Talent Education


Toronto Star Readers' Choice 2020 Gold Winner, Best Music Instructor! 

Hello and welcome to Heart-Strings Talent Education - "Making music makes life better!" You now have access to cutting edge string lessons completely online. Are you looking to learn to play an instrument that will be a gift for life? The violin and viola are beautiful, expressive, versatile, and portable, and  fun to play, whatever the style! At Heart-Strings, we share the love, passion, and joy of music, playing with others, and for others, in our community - which has now moved to a secure Zoom room for groups lessons.  

Our Zoom Recitals are  AMAZING and a lot of FUN!!! Check out the Heart-Strings Violin Studio Facebook page to see our movie trailer and/or follow susanbethbarak on Instagram 


Your lessons with a qualified professional registered music teacher will provide:

♪ a great set up for the best start (learn it right, right from the start!)

♪ a guide to forming good habits - learning how to practice will develop your capacity for deep work and facilitate lifelong success!

♪ the path to your optimal progress!

♪ a fun playing environment and lots of opportunities to share your love of music with others!